Storytelling with Data Visualization | 27 June 11AM IST

How Storytelling and Data Visualization Dance Together

Expert Talk With Pavan Barlota


11AM to 12PM


1.       How Storytelling and Data Visualization dance together?

2.       Strategy: Present to Persuade your Stakeholders

3.       The Science of Data Visualization

4.       How to build impressive Data Visualizations?

5.       Tools, Technology and future of Visualization.


Everyone has a story to tell in their professional or personal life. The way we put together and narrate the story can have different meanings, though the underlying data is the same!

The art and science of painting a very compelling story to persuade your stakeholders and ensure they grasp the insights and take action is a need of the day! Data visualization helps bind that story together for the maximum impact and nimble transition of information. Good visualization speaks for themselves.

Storytelling and Data visualization support one another, strengthening insights and driving the action the data is proclaiming.

Let’s hop-in and see how to build great Visualizations for Persuading your audience!

Pavankumar Barlota

PMP | ERP | Data Analytics | Data Visualisation

A keynote speaker and leader in delivering large-scale software development projects. Plan and manage projects aligning business goals with technology solutions to drive process improvements, competitive advantage and bottom-line gains. Oracle Cloud, Data analysis, data visualization and story telling.
Pavan has complemented his learnings with securing PMP, CSM, Tableau and many Cloud certifications.
He is co-founder of a non-profit organization life Of Kids’.
Pavan also devotes some of his time as a ‘VP of Public Relations’ in Toastmasters International.

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