Are you frustrated to spending all your Time and Money, doing a Repetitive work?

We have complete solution

Excel Automation, HR Automation, Payable Automation, Front Office Automation, Data Entry Automation and Chatbots

OUR RPA services

RPA Consulting

CLT help you to understand and identify process that need automation.

RPA Implementation

CLT design and develop bots using AI and cognitive Services for process automation. CLT help you in scaling Business Continuity. 

Automation design

CLT’s automation experts help you to map manual process that requires automation. 

automation support

CLT’s support team helps you with bot management failure and disaster recovery, risk management and opportunity discovery.

RPA Benefits

Reduce the size of manual workforce and hence reduce costs.

Respective tasks are performed in the same manner each time.

Bots can work 24*7 effectively.

Less prone to errors and functions with accurate and unifomity.

Does not disturb underlying legacy systems

RPA Tools