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Why learn oracle?

For senior professionals oracle is a key to stay relevant in as Oracle Consultant and Professional. It also Improve your skills and future career prospects, growth and helps to acquire higher role in an organization.
For freshers and non oracle professionals it is very helpful to get a job in a organization and to switch career in oracle ERP.

How Professionals are Learning?​

Professional can learn through online classes on weekends or 1-2 hours per day and with some hands on practice. Oracle can also be learned through on the job training by company projects and direct assignments. Following are Some other ways to learn oracle cloud, such as YouTube, Documents and LinkedIn SharePoint .You can also get knowledge about oracle via discussion with your friends, colleagues and on Facebook groups.

Spending money? Giving time?

By learning through online classes and spending 1-2 hours in weekend and some practice is sufficient to learn about oracle. This is like tuition you are spending 1-2 hours only in weekends. Trainer is also doing training on weekend as a side job. Money is not required neither you want pay for available quality training as everyone is looking for shortcuts such as Exam Dump, Videos, Test Scripts, Process Documents, Starting guide etc.

How to learn oracle?

Now learning oracle cloud, It is free of cost you can use your available resources and just need to invest your time and need to build your knowledge and hands on practice. you also need to keep patience and say no to shortcuts. Build your 20 days plan, rather then 50 days. You need 20 Days to build awareness after that 50 days to get hands on and 100 days to get your mastery and  then you are totally prepared for it.

5 Ways to Learn Oracle Cloud FREE

lern oracle cloud clt consulting

How To, Process flows, White Paper, Oracle authenticated content


• If motivated to learn then – start your 20 days start, then next 30 days  

• Get in touch with seniors to get guidance  

• Email  

• WhatsApp +91 70284 76376  

• Join WhatsApp Group to exchange Q&A or Doubts (no shortcut things)

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