Business Intelligence What? Why? How? Mr. Ashutosh Samadhiya What Is Business Intelligence? BI(Business Intelligence) is a set of processes, architectures, and technologies that convert raw data into meaningful information that drives profitable business actions.It is a suite of software and services to transform data into actionable intelligence and knowledge. Understanding Business Environments • Data […]

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is a platform that allows people to access and share data in a secure and scalable way; it just requires an internet connection. In other words, Cloud computing can also be thought of as internet-based computing where services such as servers, storage, and applications are delivered to the company’s

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Why learn oracle? For senior professionals oracle is a key to stay relevant in as Oracle Consultant and Professional. It also Improve your skills and future career prospects, growth and helps to acquire higher role in an organization.For freshers and non oracle professionals it is very helpful to get a job in a organization and

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Why CLT Team Productive While Working From Home Tips to Improve Work From Home Productivity Establish Your Space   A dedicated space to work is a key (and often overlooked) aspect of working from home. By setting aside an area that’s your “professional zone,” you’ll instinctively slip into “work mode” whenever you sit down. Make sure this

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About CLT Consulting CLT is an Oracle ERP implementation, managed services provider. Be a preferred technology partner for our clients and be a global leader in consulting technology services and digital transformation. About The Complimentary Services CLT is offering essential Oracle Cloud ERP ( Financials, HCM & Procurement ) support services at no cost The

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Six Sigma What is Six Sigma | Process | DMAIC & DMADV in Six Sigma “Six Sigma is a set of methods and tools for business process improvement and quality management. Six Sigma aims to improve quality by finding defects, determining their cause, and improving processes to increase the repeatability and accuracy of process results. By improving

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V Model V Model l Software Development, Testing | Advantages Disadvantages | SDLC All Phases Explained “V Model is an enhanced version of the classic waterfall model whereby each level of the development life-cycle is verified before moving on to the next level. With this model, software testing explicitly starts at the very beginning” The V model

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Oracle SQL Oracle SQL Basics, Beginners | What is SQL?  “Structure Query Language(SQL) is a database query language used for storing and managing data in Relational DBMS.” SQL was the first commercial language introduced for E.F Codd’s Relational model of database. Today almost all RDBMS use SQL as the standard database query language. SQL is

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Spiral Model SPIRAL MODEL | Software Engg | Missiles & Satellite Project | Advantages & Disadvantages “This Article describes a spiral model of software development” Spiral Model defined by Barry Boehm in 1986. Spiral Model is a combination of a waterfall model and iterative model. Each phase in spiral model begins with a design goal

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